Elke Gill

Elke was born in Holland and from and early age began moving to various countries, eventually settling down for a while in South Africa with her parents. Her interests in Art slowly grew over the years but only after venturing off again with her new family and settling down in the UK did she find time to pursue her passion for painting, which then grew into what it is today.

Elke works mainly in oils and watercolours.
Her still life paintings are inspired by objects that surround her environment. A defining characteristic of her work would be her attention to detail to portray an object in a realistic likeness. She takes careful consideration when observing light, colour and texture as she believes this enables her to create the effect she constantly aims to achieve.

Past exhibitions;

2015 Small Hythe Studio
2016 Guest Artist at Pilgrims Way Artists Exhibition
2017 Member of Pilgrims Way Artists
2018 Pilgrims Way Artists Exhibition -
award for best work in show
Open Studio - Soldiers Retreat Smarden
September Art Show - Wadhurst
2019 Benenden Art Exhibition - Grierson Galleries