Jane Ford

With a consuming passion for British Wildlife combined with quirky sense of humour and satire, the main subject of the painting is transformed from a natural pose into a completely obscure and unusual setting.
The artist has a natural leaning towards the gothic genre which includes Victorian engines, optical instruments and even renaissance inventions to add to the mix. The paintings all tell a story, a very old fashioned way of painting, so each work can have
several connotations, from Game birds alighting on pies to Hares transfixed by mirrors and foxes alluring chickens, all in a humorous framework. Perhaps stemming from a childhood mixture of Brer Rabbit and Edgar Allen Poe. The great diversity of British Wildlife and the imagination of connecting birds and animals
with unrelated objects opens up endless possibilities for future paintings. The whole is brought together with the naming of the work……it's all in the title.

Visit Jane Ford's Website at www.janefordart.com